When Brok Hansmeyer dropped from 33 transactions in 2013 to 20 in 2014, he knew he was capable of so much more.
But to get there, something had to change.
Oh, it changed alright. By 2017, Brok and his team were closing 218 transactions while he took three week-long vacations — with his phone turned off!
The story of Brok’s rapid ascent is both inspiring and relatable.
You’ll see he didn’t do anything truly out of the ordinary. Instead, his journey is testament to what can happen when you operate from a plan and have the right guidance and accountability in your corner.

He Knew He Needed to Do Something

Flashing all the way back to 2010, Brok had considered hiring a coach but never acted on it.
So in 2014 when his business decreased, he decided it was time to commit to coaching.
He interviewed two well-known coaching companies and his choice was clear. He hired Tom Ferry Coaching because he felt it gave him more options for his business than the other company, which relied solely on pushing one discipline for everyone.
In Brok’s Duluth, MN market, the market had already frozen over for the end of the year, but Brok capitalized on that slow period to begin focusing on systems with his coach.
He never had a formal database before.
He also started working on price-reduction scripts he used to get a few listings priced closer to market value.
But it wasn’t just the words that transformed Brok.
“Honestly what it gave me was more confidence to have those difficult conversations with sellers,” he says. “It reminded me that I’m the leader, I’m the one driving the bus and people are looking for my help. I had to show them what was right for them.”

20 to 52 in 2015

That confidence Brok speaks of also extended to a memorable conversation he had with his coach early in the process. Having closed 20 deals in 2014, he set a bold goal of 52 transaction sides for 2015.
Still somewhat skeptical, he asked his coach if that kind of jump was truly possible.
“I asked him, do you really see people go from 20 deals to 52? And he said, ‘Oh yeah, all the time.’ I needed that. I needed to know it was possible and that someone believed in me,” Brok says.
As 2015 began, Brok worked closely with his coach on several key initiatives:

  • He started sending a newsletter to his farm regularly.
  • He made more touches to the database he’d built.
  • He started making more phone calls.
  • He set up a postcard campaign targeting Expireds.
  • He built his online presence with Zillow/Realtor.com reviews and quickly bumped to the top 5 agents in Duluth in search results.
  • He increased his Facebook presence, got more likes on his fan page and started boosting his listings.
  • He attended his first Success Summit event, which he called “a big accelerator” in his ascent.

“A lot of stuff that my coach and I talked about, I just said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’” Brok recalls.
And it worked!
He bettered his goal of 52 transactions by one, closing 2015 with 53 deals!