Have you seen the new Facebook commercial?
Here’s the gist of it: Facebook is committed to getting back to their roots as a platform primarily for connecting with friends and loved ones.
They announced the rollout of these changes back in January, and businesspeople everywhere freaked out, claiming Facebook would no longer be a viable platform for new business development.
But that’s an overreaction.
My social media team and I have been monitoring the situation ever since, and in this blog, I want to share our insights about what Facebook’s changes mean for you. I also have 10 tips on how to “play nice” with the algorithm and ensure your business page gets seen.

Back to Basics

Facebook’s changes are fueled by a desire to have a greater sense of well-being on their platform.
When using Facebook, you can expect to see more posts from your family, friends and groups you belong to. You can expect to see less content from businesses, brands, and publishers.
Rankings within the Facebook algorithms determine what ends up in people’s news feeds. Those rankings will emphasize connections between people who have deeper and more meaningful interactions.
Conversations between two people will rank higher than conversations between a person and a business page.

10 Tips to Succeed in Facebook’s New World

  1. Commit yourself and be involved with the community
  2. Create high-quality, meaningful content based on your audience’s needs (Relevancy is huge!)
  3. Get consumers to genuinely interact with you
  4. When consumers do interact, always reply to promote an ongoing dialogue
  5. Avoid clickbait and engagement bait
  6. “Go Live” – Facebook puts an emphasis on Live video content
  7. Post video rather than still photos whenever possible
  8. Ask your audience to select “See First” in their preferences
  9. Ask your audience what content they’d like to see
  10. Share your Facebook posts elsewhere (Your blog, emails, etc.)