Plan Your Dive

Hopefully you took advantage of our 2018 Business Plan and already know your strategy to dominate 2018. If not, download it now!
Your business plan serves as your road map for navigating 2018.
Every task and every strategy is laid out in front of you in your plan, just waiting to be executed.
That’s what “planning your dive” is all about.
Which leads us to…

Dive Your Plan

Here comes the moral of David’s story:
You’ve already done all the work of mapping out exactly what you’re going to do in 2018.
The reason you put in all that work is to ensure you stay on track and focused on your target when executing your mission.
Which means…
Now is not the time to question it.
Now is not the time to deviate from it.
When you do those things on a SCUBA mission, you get lost.
When you do them in business, “getting lost” means losing your momentum, operating haphazardly, and falling short of your goals.
So it’s real simple:
Once you figure out what you want, just dive your plan.