Here for the contest? You’ll find the details at the bottom of this post. Don’t miss this awesome success story, though… ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get your business to that proverbial “next level.”

Some might not consider it a “problem” to be stuck at $240k annual GCI…

But if you’re ambitious, you’re damn right it is.

Especially when you know you’re capable of more.

This is the scenario Richmond, VA-area agent Chris Elliott found himself in approximately two years ago.

He’d earned $270k GCI the year prior, and then finished 2018 at $240k. He was trending the wrong direction, and he didn’t know where to turn. He felt stuck.

He did some research and examined his admittedly “frugal” approach to business. And as a result, he made some realizations that have since launched him to a whole new level of production and personal fulfillment.

Let me show you how he did it…

“Spazmatic” in How He Did Business Early On

Chris has always been a go-getter. But he was broke when he got into the business and relied solely on his strong work ethic to close 21 transaction sides in his first year.

Early on, he had no consistent lead pillars, although one of his approaches was to drop off a packet of materials with Expireds throughout his market.

Eventually he realized it was time to invest in technology to streamline his approach, so he went with Vulcan and immediately realized he should have done it much sooner.

“It was the stupidest thing in the world that I waited,” he says, adding that he attributed $100k in GCI directly to Expireds in his first year using that technology.

Eventually a similar pattern emerged with his business as a whole.

He’d earned $270k GCI in 2017 and $240k GCI in 2018, but was at a loss for how to get off that plateau and ramp up his business to the next level.

Until he found a way to tap into his full potential


The Common Denominator Among Successful Agents

No matter how successful you are, it’s frustrating when you don’t feel like you’re achieving everything that’s available to you.

Chris knew in his heart he was capable of more.

So he surveyed the landscape around him and came to a realization:

“I realized everyone who was doing high levels of production had a coach,” Chris says. “I’ve always been frugal, so I was hesitant to make that investment. But eventually I took that leap into Core+.”

One of the first things his coach noticed was that Chris was doing way too much himself.

He encouraged Chris to hire an assistant and walked him through the process.

“I never realized how much time and mental energy I was putting towards things that weren’t producing new money,” Chris says in hindsight. “It’s very true that if you don’t have an assistant you are one.”