Who remembers “The Decision” in 2010 when a 25-year-old LeBron James warranted an hour-long live TV special to announce that he was “taking his talents to South Beach”?

Why was it such a big deal?

Because at 25 and already a two-time league MVP, LeBron’s next contract would determine where he played his prime years… professional athletes are said to reach their peak potential around age 27.

Here’s why I’m thinking of this today – because no matter how old you are, I believe RIGHT NOW is your peak earning potential as a real estate professional.

And I want to make sure you’re capitalizing on this opportunity while you still can.


Looking Forward to 2022-2023

As I write this in late July 2021, all the projections show little change in the real estate industry forecast for the next couple years.

The market conditions many areas are experiencing currently – low inventory, low mortgage rates and high buyer demand – are likely to persist for the next 18 months to two years.

And in my 30+ years in this industry, I’ve never seen more favorable conditions for agents’ earnings. It’s the greatest financial windfall opportunity in your life… as long as you’re serious about what you’re doing.

So NOW is the time to “get while the gettin’s good,” as they say.


Five Questions You Should Answer Today

So if we accept that market conditions are going to be relatively consistent for the next two years, it’s time to ask yourself five important questions:

  • What do you need to do better? Better systems, making your calls consistently, mastering your schedule, delegating tasks to focus on your HABU… only you know the answer. Find it and fix it.
  • What do you need to do more of? What’s effective for you but you haven’t pushed it far enough? It might be a certain lead source that can generate more opportunities. It might be hiring another admin to free up more time. It might be better planning to ensure you’re maximizing your time throughout the day.
  • How can you serve your clients in a more intelligent way? Remember, today’s consumer expects an Amazon-like experience. They want things simple, efficient, and fast. Are you providing that today? What can you change to up your service?
  • How will you continue to scale trust in your marketplace? Even if you create videos consistently, I doubt you’re making enough of them. How often are you going “live” on Instagram? Have you sent unsolicited CMAs to members of your farm recently? Have you even called them to check in on them and find out how the pandemic has changed how they think about their home? These are the actions that make you the trusted advisor in your marketplace. Do them!
  • What are you doing all this for? At the end of the day, it’s not about the money. It’s about the life you create.

That last question is the big one in my mind because I’m not just talking about how much money are you going to earn just for the sake of earning money.

I want to know what it’s going to do for you…

Are you going to use it to get out of debt?

Are you going to stash it away in savings?

Are you going to reinvest in your business and build your empire?

Are you going to take advantage of your position and start investing in real estate?

How will you use it to set yourself up for retirement?

And speaking of retirement… what’s your earnings number for what would make that a possibility? Have you thought about that question?


No Regrets

Imagine waking up one day in 2025 when the market has normalized, commission compression is even more severe than today, and looking back on the opportunities you had back in 2021-2023…

Are you going to be proud of the way you set yourself up for success?

Or are you going to regret wasting all your cash and blowing the chance to put yourself on the road to financial freedom?

Don’t set yourself up for that regret.

NOW is the time. You may never see an opportunity this good the rest of your career… or your life.

It’s time to go all in and do everything you can to maximize your earnings in the next two years.

If you’re with me, text me your earnings goal between now and the end of 2022… 949-216-5466 and also let me know one thing you’re committed to changing or doing more of in pursuit of that goal.