Breakdown to Breakthrough: Dealing with YOU Before Making Yourself Great

Breakdown to Breakthrough: Dealing with YOU Before Making Yourself Great photo
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I want to take a little different tone today.

This blog is a personal plea from me to you.

It certainly won’t apply to everyone reading this… but maybe more of us than we’d like to admit.


A recent situation with a friend illustrated this point to me…

If our lives are in chaos, it’s impossible to be fully effective in business.


So as your coach, as your friend, as someone who cares about you, here’s what I ask of you:

If something is plaguing you… whatever it is… Address it.

Take it on.

Get help.

Reach out.

Fix it.

Whatever it takes, get your life in order so you can be the best you can be in your business.

Substance abuse. Relationships in chaos. Priorities out of whack. Whatever it might be.


Close the Open Loops

When something is amiss in your life, it creates an open loop.

With too many open loops, it becomes very difficult to take action. You’re too preoccupied with the open loops to truly focus on anything else.

As a result, your business suffers. You don’t devote the energy necessary to achieve success.


I Know It’s Tough

Sometimes these issues are outside of your control, but they still affect who you are and how you operate.

That makes it all too easy to simply ignore them.

But your brain doesn’t forget those open loops. Whether or not you’re consciously thinking about them, they’re weighing on you… Day after day after day.

Anything left undone, unsaid, unaddressed only lives in your head. And as I’ve said many times, your head is a scary place to be.

Big issues won’t fix themselves. So don’t let things slide. That only worsens the situation.

Find help. Find a solution.

Get your family, your home life, your business life… Get YOU in order, and THEN focus on kicking ass in real estate.

I want you to be an amazing businessperson, but even more importantly, I want you to be an amazing person, living a fully realized life.

That starts by recognizing when something is blocking you from being your best.

Sometimes you have to go through a breakdown to reach a breakthrough.

Taking that first step requires courage and commitment.

But if you want access to reaching your full potential, it must be done.

If you need help, find it.

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