I’m in Vegas this week with some of best agents in the business.

I’m here for our annual Elite Retreat taking place at Mandalay Bay, where a few thousand dedicated professionals gather for a private training and networking event. (Plus a blowout party last night!)

And despite everything going on in the world today…

  • an enduring pandemic continuing to disrupt “normal” life as we know it
  • the Fed informing us to expect three upcoming interest rate hikes
  • tensions between the U.S. and Russia on the rise
  • inflation soaring and financial markets rollercoastering

…After just one day being around these Rockstars, I have to say I’m super excited for the future.

Let me share with you why.


Looking 4 Years Ahead

As I told attendees yesterday morning to begin Elite Retreat, all of my recent conversations with economists indicate continued strong demand for housing over the next four years.

That doesn’t mean your job is going to be easy.

What it means to me is that there’s tons of opportunity for those who are serious about the business of real estate. And those are exactly the people who are here in Vegas with me.

Because I’ve seen these people. I’ve seen their work ethic. I witnessed their willingness to grow and adopt new practices. I’ve popped in on the masterminds they’ve organized. I see the openness among them, exchanging notes, scripts and listing-attraction ideas, and SOPs in our private groups. I see the way they support and refer one another.

So I’m super confident about their future. But let’s talk about you…


How Do You Deal with Chaos?

I’m not rooting for unrest in our world.

But the way I see it, mentally tough people succeed in uncertain environments while everyone else freezes up.

And if the current events I mentioned earlier all escalate, we’re definitely going to be living in an uncertain, tumultuous future.

So the question then becomes: Do you have what you need to succeed in that environment? Can you do your job with inspired action regardless of what’s going on around you?

If I were you, I’d be looking to up your mental toughness, add to your support system, and stay uber-focused on the things you’re committed to achieving.


One Last Question

So to sum things up, I just hope this blog gets you thinking about your future.

The biggest takeaway I’ll share is a question I asked the audience here: What are you building?

I strongly recommend you create a crystal-clear vision based on your answer and then find the conviction to see it through. Then find a support system for when the going gets tough.

And if Elite Retreat sounds like the kind of event you don’t want to miss, invite yourself to the next one by joining Elite coaching today.