Gorgias (Chrome extension)

If you or your team members find yourself sending similar emails often, Gorgias can be a huge time-saver. It allows you to build email templates and load them with quick keyboard shortcuts, all for one low monthly cost.


Advanced feature-set video editing on the go, Videoshop allows you to add text and/or music, apply filters or slow-motion effects, cut and edit videos directly on your phone. It’s available for both iOS and Android.
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Everybody likes win-win scenarios, right? GenM creates win-win relationships between professionals like you and fresh-out-of-school digital marketing apprentices seeking real-world business experience. Get the marketing help you need at just $49/month!


If you tend to get “hangry” when you haven’t eaten recently, this handy app will provide periodic reminders to get your nutrition and stay on top of your mental and physical game 24/7.
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“Online design made easy” is Canva’s claim to fame, allowing non-designers to create beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos, social media posts, marketing pieces, graphs and more!


Have you ever made the mistake of heading into an important meeting frazzled and scatterbrained? InsightTimer allows high-energy, always-on-the-go professionals like yourself a minute to unwind, re-center and re-focus. The coaching member who recommended this said he’s seen his conversion level dramatically increase since he started arriving early at his appointments and doing a “micro meditation” before going in. Could you benefit from this same approach?


Promising to help you “love your email again,” Spark digs in and prioritizes your emails for you to cut through all the noise and focus on those emails that can really move the needle. It also offers collaboration tools that make it an excellent way for teams to work on crafting important emails together.


While we’re talking about email… How many times have you subscribed to an email list in your life? Hard to count that high, right? Unroll.me helps you organize all your email subscriptions, allowing you to de-clutter your inbox, unsubscribe from old accounts that are no longer relevant, and combine other subscription emails into “The Rollup,” one cohesive email to deliver all your subscriptions at once.

Subliminal Vision Boards App

You probably know I’m a big believer in the concept of a vision board – a collection of aspirational images and phrases designed to keep you motivated and working hard all year long. This app modernizes the old-school vision board and even includes a “Take 5 Subliminal” feature that ingrains your goals and positive affirmations into your subconscious mind.


This one has nothing to do with real estate, but it will help you save gobs of money on the prescription drugs you need. If you need to pay for a prescription, this app will tell you how much it costs at every pharmacy near you. The coaching member who recommended this app said the prices vary wildly, so the potential to save big is huge!