3 Time Management Tips to Get Your Life Back

3 Time Management Tips to Get Your Life Back photo
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Is your business costing you your quality of life?

One of the biggest reasons why people join coaching is to “get their life back.”

Helping people achieve that goal often requires getting them out of their comfort zone and doing things differently than they’re accustomed to.

So it’s not surprising there are moments in the coaching process where it takes a little coaxing to get our members to make those necessary adjustments.


Do You Define Your Hours?

One of the biggest moments of pushback from our coaching members occurs when their coach asks them to define their business hours on their phone’s outgoing message.

Think about that…

All we’re asking is to get someone to state that their normal business hours are between 9:00 and 6:00 (or whatever) and that they work evenings and weekends by appointment only.

But there’s often resistance, hesitancy, and fear.

…And then agents wonder why they aren’t achieving the balance they desire in their lives.

If you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you.

Achieving better balance in your life starts with controlling your schedule instead of letting your schedule control you.


How to Take Control

All of this is to make the point that time management is a definite issue among real estate professionals. Below I’m sharing three time management tips, and I also invite you to download our brand new success bundle, the Time Management Tool Kit.


Time Management Tip #1: Have a Singular Focus

This first tip is straight from the playbook of my buddy Dan Williams, Chief Revenue Officer for 3 Day Blinds. The mantra for all of their marketing and appointment-setting staff is three simple words: “To generate appointments.”

YOU should adopt this same credo.

In real estate, there’s only one leading indicator of a successful business: Appointments!

Booking them!

Going on them!

That means you should schedule everything around getting and going on appointments.


Time Management Tip #2: Know What Needs to Be Done

Successful real estate professionals don’t arrive at the office and “wing it.” That’s how you end up heading home at night feeling like you accomplished nothing.

Successful entrepreneurs know exactly what they need to do on a daily and weekly basis to achieve their goals. They prioritize those activities and work from checklists.

They also have systems to ensure the work is getting done with consistent quality and frequency.

When you know your priorities, you can work on the most important tasks and delegate the rest.


Time Management Tip #3: Hold Yourself Accountable

In an idealized world, tips 1 & 2 above are failproof.

But we don’t live in a perfect world.

We live in a world where clients freak out. Where things don’t always go as planned. Where “emergencies” derail us from our daily activities.

So… what then?

You just skip your important tasks to “grease the squeaky wheel”?

That’s what many do. But it’s not what the best do.

Smart entrepreneurs find a way to hold themselves accountable to their daily and weekly tasks.

Use your checklists.

Challenge yourself to a certain amount of appointments in a month.

Challenge a colleague to a contest of who can book more appointments.

Hire a coach.

Share your schedule with your family and have them hold you to it.

Whatever you do, you need to report your progress to someone.


Download the Tools to Make the Most of Your Time

To help you make the most of your time and systematize your business, I’m excited to offer our new Time Management Tool Kit. It includes:

  • A “Gap Analysis” worksheet to determine where you stand and where you want to be
  • My Daily & Weekly “Million Dollar Agent” Checklists
  • Ideal Day & Ideal Week Schedules
  • A script to reconnect with your past clients and sphere to book more appointments
  • And more!

Download it FREE today!

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