I’d like you to read this list:

  • Radiation treatments
  • Divorce and sole-support single parenthood
  • A tragic death in the family
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Liver transplant
  • An emergency premature birth
  • Business setbacks

I’m not trying to bring you down. I promise.

All of these unfortunate happenings were mentioned in viewer comments in the span of about 10 minutes on a Facebook Live video I shot a couple weeks ago.

Tragic circumstances? Yes, without a doubt.

But also… there was a positive reason why they were sharing. All of those were moments that launched people into action.

Let’s talk about it…


Using Life’s “Moments” for Good

Nobody wishes for these moments. But they happen anyway.

And from my perspective, what matters most is how you respond to them.

Those people who chimed in on my live video didn’t quit when faced with adversity.

Instead, they persevered.

They used their experience as a catalyst to get into massive action. That’s what happens when you find yourself with your back against the wall.

And that was exactly the message I wanted to convey when I went “live” in the first place that morning. Those comments actually hammered home the point stronger than I could have ever imagined.

And that’s why I wanted to share their message with you today.