5 Positive-Minded Daily Reminders You Might Need Right Now

5 Positive-Minded Daily Reminders You Might Need Right Now photo
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Emotions are heightened.

Fear is attacking from all directions.

Uncertainty will consume you, if you let it.

All of which leads me to one conclusion: We need positivity in our lives now more than ever.

I hope you’re making some sort of positive thinking exercise part of your daily routine. Whether it’s focusing on your gratitude list or the daily reminders I have for you today, it’s always a good idea to start your day with positive thinking.

And it’s especially important in times of crisis.

So let’s get to it… I’ve got five daily reminders you might need right now.


Daily Reminder No. 1: I Am Prepared to Succeed

You know what to do.

You’re good at what you do.

People need your services dealing with one of their most important assets.

It’s time to follow your plan, stay disciplined and help people succeed!

Remember this: The more you help others, the more you’ll succeed yourself.

**If, for some reason, you’re not confident that you’re prepared to succeed, it’s time we talk.


Daily Reminder No. 2: I Celebrate My Purpose

The simple fact you’re on my site and reading this blog tells me you’re not just skating through life. You have goals and ambitions, and along with those comes a real purpose for what you do every day.

Never forget that!

Whether it’s your own burning aspirations or other people who rely on you to provide leadership, guidance and income, you are important.

Use that knowledge to motivate yourself and keep you moving forward.

Let me ask you…

Is your purpose “up and visual” in front of you on a regular basis?

If so, good job!

If not, figure out a way to make that happen. Post it on the wall of your office or write it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself why you give so much energy and passion every day.


Daily Reminder No. 3: Positivity is a Choice

We wake up every day inundated with news and conflict… Lately more than ever!

Don’t forget: It’s your choice to either tune in or tune out.

Yes, it’s important to be informed. But it can’t be all encompassing.

Focus on the positive. Seek out how you can make a difference. Look for ways to contribute.

Choose positivity every day, because the alternative won’t get you anywhere!


Daily Reminder No. 4: I Can Do Anything

My good friend Jim Kwik says all behavior is belief driven.

So that begs the question: What do you believe you’re capable of?

I know this much… You’re capable of so much more than you realize.

If you have to doubt something, doubt your limits.

Set big goals for yourself, believe in your ability to achieve them, and get into action making them reality!


Daily Reminder No. 5: I Am Worthy

We operate in an extremely competitive industry.

Those who truly excel are often glorified – to the detriment of your own self-worth.

But really, none of that matters.

You are you.

Your identity or worth isn’t dependent on your number of social media followers.

It’s not tied to how many transaction sides you close or your sales volume.

It’s time to break your addiction to the opinions of other people and focus on you and what you want from your life.

Because whatever that is, you’re worth it!


I hope you found value in these five reminders and I also hope you find a way to incorporate them into your daily routine. Taking a few minutes to remind yourself of these five items will start your day on a much more positive note than turning on the news or checking for the latest “hot take” on Twitter. Love yourself, respect yourself and create the “self” you want to be!


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