Step One: Meet Them Where They Are

After you’ve spent a few days immersed in a positive, learning environment and you’re feeling great, it’s really easy to forget that not everyone shared that same experience.
When you return home from a conference overflowing with “level 10” energy, the rest of your family is still at level 5 or whatever level you left them just a few days earlier.
Failing to recognize this is the quickest way to build a barrier between you and them.
So before you begin announcing bold changes you want to make, meet them where they are. Re-establish rapport so you’re on the same level as they are.

Step Two: Be Mindful That Most People Don’t Like Change

People are creatures of habit. They have their routines and are accustomed to certain patterns of behavior.
When changes are proposed, their typical instinct is to resist.
You must understand this and be prepared for this.
If you return home and try to immediately break the long-established behavioral patterns in your family, you’re quickly going to position yourself as the “odd-man out.” What often happens in this scenario is the rest of your family will rally against you because they are resistant to change.
So… how do you overcome this? Keep reading. Step 3 reveals all.