Q4 means it’s time for your 2023 real estate marketing plan


As we step forward into Q4, it’s time to start doing double-duty. Not only do we need to refocus on our goals and finish this year on a high note, but it’s essential to prepare for the year to come. Now is the time to start reviewing, revising, and putting together your business plan for 2023, and that’s why today, we’re going to talk about your 2023 real estate marketing plan.

I’m going to give you three essential things that need to be a part of your marketing plan and the cadence you need to be doing them with. If you’re looking to know what you should be sending out every day, every week, and every month, this is the blog for you.

We might be starting early, but now’s the time to set yourself up for success, so let’s jump right in with what you need to be putting out there every day.


Daily Content: Social Media Video

You need to be releasing video every day, but you should not be SHOOTING video every day. That would be exhausting. All you need to do is set aside one day to create content for the following 30.

So, open up your calendar. Do you have it in front of you? Great. Now:

  • Pick a day towards the end of each month to write 30 days’ worth of short content. This day is all about coming up with 30 different topics and then writing short, 10 to 30 second scripts for each one. You can also take the time to set up your filming space. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but make sure you have a few different changes of outfit, so it doesn’t look like you wear the same thing every day! If you want to know a little more about what equipment you’ll need check out this past blog.
  • Now either at the very beginning or end of the month, block off a solid five or six hours to shoot all 30 of these shorts. Don’t worry, because it’ll get quicker and easier the more comfortable you get with it.
  • Then create a plan for how you’re going to edit, create thumbnails, and publish the footage. A lot of agents delegate this part of the process to their assistants or marketing coordinator.

Now, it’s probably fair to say that not every video you produce will be a masterpiece, but sometimes you put one out there that you’re really proud of – or that gains traction and gets higher-than-normal viewership. When you do this, you’d be really missing out if you didn’t put a little bit of money behind it to boost it to the largest audience possible.

Weekly Content: Email

The great marketing guru Jason Pantana says that email is the most effective ROI marketing channel, BAR-NONE. And since it’s free, all you’re investing is a little bit of time.

But you can’t just put out some junky canned content and expect anything good to come from it. Just like your website, your emails need to look clean, professional, and provide real value.

One of the best days to do a weekly email is with a “roundup” where you essentially repurpose all your quality videos from that week. Keep it short with a couple of outbound links and well-written descriptions. Toss in any listings you might have, and make sure to have a “call to action” that takes them back to your website.

The best time for these types of emails is usually later in the weekend because of how much time people are spending at home. When people are at home, it tends to get them thinking about homes!


Monthly Content: Print

Now we’re stepping into the realm of paid marketing with real estate direct mail, but it’s a crucial piece that helps tie everything back together – and it’s only once a month.

Check your budget to find out how much money you can spend on marketing at the beginning of each month and adjust your target radius accordingly.

Your mailers don’t need to be complicated, and it’s actually better if they’re not. You have two excellent options here:

  • A QR code to a home price evaluator
  • A case study following all the steps of how you sold a property

QR Code Home Price Evaluator

Everyone wants to know the price of their home, and if you get them thinking about it, you can get them thinking about listing. In a market like today’s, this simple tool can open up a lot of possibilities with sellers. I’ve had personal clients see major success from the simplest cards with a Homebot QR code. All this card needs to say is, “Check the value of your home,” and when they scan it, they’ll be directed straight to a home-price evaluation with your branding on it.

A Case Study

Case studies are the new “Just Solds.” If you were at this past Success Summit, you’ll remember Newport Beach Rockstar agent Robert Mack’s TomX talk about his case study mailers. Robert’s team specialize in interior design and home staging. But a lot of sellers can’t see the point in paying someone extra to just replace their furniture for a showing.

This is where Robert’s case studies come in handy. Using just one “before” and one “after” picture and a “sold for” number, his mailers have shown a tremendous ROI.


So… what’s your real estate marketing plan?

At the end of the day, the “best” marketing plan is always the one that works for you. And it takes trial and error to figure this out. I’ve given you this to show you what is proven to work for other agents, but there’s so much more that goes into a fully comprehensive marketing plan. If you’re looking to really dial in your entire 2023 business plan, the best place you can do this is at BluePrint Phoenix, my last event of the year, happening October 5-6.

Until then, keep digging into these three essential marketing channels with more of our content.

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