Sometimes the job of a real estate coach is to cut through some of the excuses agents use to avoid doing the things that will make them successful.

We all know we’re operating in a “video first” marketing environment.

But far too many agents are still shivering in fear of pressing that “RECORD” button, so they make up stories like, “I would shoot more videos, but I don’t know what to say. I need real estate video ideas.”

That ends today.

Let’s dive into 15 real estate video ideas that are easy to make and will position you for success in your marketplace. I quickly presented these at our recent BluePrint event but I’ll go into further depth here.

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We’ll start with some listing attraction videos.


Video Idea No. 1: Selling in [Your City]? Avoid this $25,000 Mistake!

What’s the most costly mistake homeowners tend to make when selling a house? Surely you can think of something compelling.

Then, here’s real estate video idea: make a video about it and tailor it to your market.

It doesn’t have to be long… Grab the viewer with an alarming stat or statement. Establish your local expertise. Explain the problem. Show the solution. Get in, get out… one video done!


Video Idea No. 2: How to Sell Your [Specific Property Type Here] Home for Top Dollar

Does your marketplace have properties that naturally differentiate themselves from other homes? Do you want to get more listings in those markets by positioning yourself as the expert?

Then make these videos!

Maybe it’s waterfront homes. Maybe it’s gated community homes. Maybe it’s mountain homes. Maybe it’s golf course homes. Maybe it’s equestrian properties. Maybe it’s all of those and more!

Yes, you’ll need to invest some time researching what makes those properties different, but the vast majority of advice you provide can be suggestions that apply to selling a home anywhere.

By segmenting them out individually, you’ll establish yourself as an expert for those product types and those homeowners will feel you have a stronger understanding of their needs.


Video Idea No. 3: How to Prepare Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

Simple… I’m sure you give people tips on how to prepare their home for sale during every listing presentation. Or at least once you take a listing and are preparing for showings.


Whether they’re major landscaping tips or quick and simple fixes, take that information and make a video from it!


Video Idea No. 4: Selling Your [Your City] Home for the Highest Price

What’s hot in your market today? What drives certain home sales higher than others?

One of the best real estate video ideas? Share the market trends and your tips in an informative video tailored to wherever you work.


Video Idea No. 5: Downsizing Your [Your City] Home – 15 Tips You Should Know

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Take any customer type – in this case, people looking to downsize – and create a video specifically for them that ties to your local market.

Pretty simple, right?

Just imagine you’re sitting face to face with people who told you they’ve lived in their four-bedroom house for the past 22 years and they’re ready to sell it and find a condo or townhouse.

What advice would you give them? What questions would you ask?

Here’s a real estate video idea, put it on video and get that advice out into your market!


Video Idea No. 6: Selling in [Your City] & Leaving the State – A How-To Guide!

Again, pretty simple. What do people who are moving out of the area need to do differently than those who are moving within town?

Share your best tips in a video and – if you’re part of a powerful referral network like our coaching ecosystem – demonstrate how you can help them connect with a world-class agent in their new destination.

You got this!