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Tools & Resources for
Real Estate Agents

Take your business to new heights with our collection of free real estate agent tools. At Tom Ferry, our team has decades of experience helping realtors grow their businesses. We make this happen by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and real estate marketing tools they can implement into their practice. Browse our real estate agent resources to see what new skills and information you can add to your arsenal.

Tools & Resources for
Real Estate Agents

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Real Estate Agent Tools

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case studies

8 Proven Case Studies That Have Generated over $4M in GCI

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Tom's Favorite Books

Mindset, Model and Marketing Tom Ferry Shop Now
Life! By Design Tom Ferry & Laura Morton Shop Now
Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman Shop Now
Less Doing, More Living Ari Meisel Shop Now
The Miracel Morning Hal Elrod & Robert Kiyosaki Shop Now
The Compound Effect Darren Hardy Shop Now
Think Out of the Box Mike Vance & Diane Deacon Shop Now
What to Say When you Talk To Yourself Shad Helmstetter Shop Now
The Time of Your Life Anthony Robbins Shop Now
The Psychology of Success Brian Tracy Shop Now
Good to Great Jim Collins Shop Now
Infinite Self Stuart Wilde Shop Now
Learn the Secrets: for more money with less stress


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Free Resources for Real Estate Agents

Don’t miss out on generating leads or closing deals because you’re not using resources readily available to you. We have an expansive collection of free resources for real estate agents that you can use to scale your business and reach your goals. From real estate agent tools like business plan templates and listing strategies to case studies and learning materials, we have an excellent selection of real estate agent resources you can implement into your practice.

Agent Tools

Whether you find your business plateauing or you’re trying to tap into a new market, there are several real estate agent tools that can help you reach your milestones at any part of your journey. In our collection of real estate agent tools, you’ll find resources centering around different categories, including:

  • Business growth: From business plans to scripts for real estate agents, these tools provide information on how to grow your business and set it up for success. You’ll even find strategies on how to get listings in competitive markets and strategies on how to negotiate successfully.
  • Marketing: To attract more leads and close more deals, you’re going to need to market yourself and your business. Our real estate marketing tools include resources on how to succeed in Google rankings, a compilation of listing strategies, and a collection of marketing materials to help you list and win.
  • Productivity: In competitive markets, you and your team need to be ahead of your competitors. This is where productivity comes in. Our tools can help boost efficiency in the workplace, so you get listings and stay ahead of the game. Resources like our time management toolkit and goal-setting guide will help keep you on track.
  • Listing tools: Whether you’re trying to secure leads to close a deal, we have a wide range of real estate listing tools you can use.

In addition to these real estate agent tools, you’ll find plenty of other free resources for real estate agents at Tom Ferry, such as our real estate podcast and real estate tips and tricks videos. Through these resources, you’ll be able to learn from experts in the industry to help you market, generate leads, stay up to date on trends, and compete in competitive markets.

Case Studies

Case studies capture a wide range of different perspectives to provide a more holistic understanding of a concept. At Tom Ferry, our collection of real estate case studies cover various topics to show how successful different real estate strategies can be. With a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of a strategy, whether it’s the power of Facebook Ads or the importance of community outreach, our library of case studies walks you through the secrets to success.

Our eight proven case studies have generated over $4 million in gross commissionable income (GCI), showing the impact of different real estate strategies. For example, you can learn how open houses have generated over $675k in annual GCI, or how targeting expired listings have brought in more than $575k in annual GCI.

Tom Ferry real estate coaches have the experience, knowledge, and real estate agent resources designed to help you succeed. And don’t just take our word for it. Browse our Tom Ferry coaching reviews. Here, you’ll see the direct impact our coaching services have had on our clients, such as tripling the annual GCI for clients or helping others quadruple the number of sales per year.

Tom’s Favorite Books

To be a successful real estate agent, you need to be a lifelong learner. One of Tom’s keys to success is having a growth mindset. This means taking time to hone your skills, stay current with trends, and learn new strategies. Below, you’ll find Tom’s collection of his favorite real estate books. In these books, you’ll find inspiration on the science of winning and losing, tips for thinking outside the box, and the psychology of success.

Tom Ferry is the best-selling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model and Marketing!” These two books are great real estate agent tools that provide strategies on how to build confidence when presenting and closing to win listings, scale your business, take control of your time, and more.

If you want to learn from expert real estate agents and industry leaders in person, including Tom Ferry, sign up for the Success Summit, where you can network and learn productivity hacks.

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