The Single Most Costly Mistake Agents Make with Real Estate Scripts

Let’s say you decide to reward yourself after a great year by purchasing a speedy little sports car.

But what if you didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission? (Or maybe you’re just a little rusty.)

You wouldn’t “practice” on your awesome new car, would you?

Of course not, because you’d burn up the transmission, and that would be expensive.

You’d practice driving a stick shift on a car where the stakes are lower, and then move on to your new speed demon after you feel fully confident.

So let me ask you this: Do you take that same approach when you discover a new sales script?

Because practicing your scripts on your clients is equally expensive.

If you’re a salesperson who isn’t practicing your scripts BEFORE you get in front of clients, I guarantee you’re making a very costly mistake — and throwing away money!


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Two Proven Closes Every Pro Uses – #TomFerryShow Episode 133

What happens when you raise your confidence in sales situations?

Lots of good things, that’s what:

  • You get on the phone more.
  • You follow up on leads more.
  • You reach out to your database more.
  • You engage people more in social situations.

When you do all of these things, you begin to win more business.

But it starts with that confidence.

Confidence comes from knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

That’s why I’m sharing two proven closing techniques with you today.

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It’s YOU Against YOU!

Think about your competition for a second.

Who do you think of?

Is it that big company in town?

Is it that one agent who seems to get every listing?

Is it a manager who you believe is holding you back?

Or just maybe… is it none of the above?


With $86 billion available in U.S. commissions annually, if you believe the so-called “competition” is preventing you from greatness, it’s time to adjust how you view your business.

Success in life and business is all about realizing you’re only competing against yourself.

Your success is dictated by your mindset, your effort and your strategies.

It’s YOU against YOU!

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Video Domination is Coming: Tips & Scripts for Successful Online Real Estate Videos – #TomFerryShow Episode 132

Do you hate the feeling of playing “catch up”?

I know I do.

It’s an awful feeling — you already have a million tasks to perform every day, but then in the back of your head you also know that BIG PICTURE changes are needed in your business because you’re slipping further and further behind the competition.


So here’s an OPPORTUNITY or a WARNING… it all depends how you act on it.

You can adopt video into your business NOW (and put yourself ahead of the curve)…

Or… you can wait and play catch up later.

The emphasis toward video content online is undeniable, and it’s already begun.

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The First Step Toward Improved Lead Generation: Do More of What’s Working

It’s one of the questions I hear most from agents:

“Tom, I’m currently doing A, B, C and D for lead generation. What should I do next?”

First off, I love the ambition this question shows.

But second — Whoa Nellie! Pump the brakes a little. You might be skipping a crucial step in the process.

Let me explain…

Adding another tactic or strategy to your marketing mix has costs associated with it, even if the tactic itself is free or low cost.

Introducing new strategies to your business requires a lot of effort — if you’re gonna do it right. You must learn the concepts, master the tasks associated with it, train your team and THEN battle your way through the growing pains associated with integrating any new system.


Your Solution Might Be Right Under Your Nose

So when someone asks me the “What else should I be doing?” question, I always tell them the FIRST place to look is inward. Ask yourself three critical questions:

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How Embracing Boredom Can Make You Super Successful – #TomFerryShow Episode 131

Would you be willing to embrace boredom in exchange for achieving your goals?

“Embrace boredom?” What’s that mean, Tom?

It means doing mundane tasks day after day after day…

Sounds exciting, huh?

But here’s the promise: When you do them, you’ll become wildly successful.

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Are You Innovating FAST Enough? [Hint: You’re Not!] – #TomFerryShow Episode 130

When industries change, those who adapt quickest are those who not only survive, but thrive.

So here’s my question for you — are you willing to make changes that will virtually immunize you from the robots that are coming for your job?

What if I told you making these changes will also vastly improve your relationships with your clients, and ultimately, become the reason for your success? I’ll go so far to say they’ll even make you enjoy your career a lot more on a day-to-day basis.

Now are you willing to commit to that change?

Okay, good. Because you’re gonna need it.

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Book Excerpt: Be a Level 10 With No Apologies

My new book, Mindset, Model and Marketing, is now available. For this blog, I want to share an excerpt from the book PLUS THIS SPECIAL OFFER: Through August 31, you can buy the entire book in the Amazon Kindle Store for just 99 cents! Click here to buy it now!

Right before I launched my last book, Life! By Design, I hit an interesting crossroads… I was on the verge of breaking through my glass ceiling and I was definitely outside my comfort zone.

Have you ever been there before?

I was so close, but I set myself up for a little bit of self-sabotage.

I was in my head, and I was scared about what was on the other side of success.

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12 Soul-Searching Questions to Determine Your WHY

It’s often one of the first things you ask someone when you meet them:

“What do you do?” or “Where do you work?”

Want to know a much more interesting question? Ask them this:

Why do you work?”

I guarantee their answer will tell you a lot about them.

And YOUR answer will help you perform up to your potential. Keep reading to find out how.

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How to Adapt to Change and Execute New Ideas: An Interview with Cliff Stevenson – #TomFerryShow Episode 129

In this week’s #TomFerryShow, I sit down with Calgary real estate leader Cliff Stevenson. He’s got a fascinating story and shares tons of great advice, so I hope you’ll watch the whole episode — or listen to it (don’t forget the podcast is always an option). Here in the blog, I wanted to highlight a few of the keys to Cliff’s incredible success.

Cliff’s ascension to greatness has witnessed many changes throughout his career path. He began as a single agent and then built a hugely successful team. His next move was a sharp pivot into a new role serving as president of the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB). After his term was complete, he went out and bought a franchise.

He did all of this prior to his 44th birthday. To say Cliff is driven is obviously an understatement.

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