Tom Gets a Power Packed Coaching Session From Jay Abraham | TOMSVLOG #011

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The teacher becomes the student in this episode of #TOMSVLOG in Torrance, California where I join the legend Jay Abraham for a few hours of exquisite coaching. I first connected with Jay in 1991, and from the moment I saw the way he spoke and delivered his wisdom, I knew I had to somehow make him my coach. Since then, Jay has had a very specific and measurable impact on my life and career for a few decades, helping me to think differently and strategically outside the norms of real estate marketing; Jay really is the real deal!

Growth is not about doing the same thing the same way, day in and day out. Having Jay as a coach has helped me challenge myself in a very necessary way, to maintain the dominance and force that my business holds in the marketplace.

Jay said something amazing to me as I left his place that day. He said, “Your business starts helpless but you don’t want it to finish helpless.” I challenge you to think about that! What exactly do you need to be focusing on in the new year to get you to that next level?


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