New York… New York… New York… Why I Love You So! | TOMSVLOG #005

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#TOMSVLOG: Mindset is everything. If you don’t innovate, someone else will. We are in an EXPERIENCE ECONOMY! I can’t say this enough. I want you to think right now about what you’re doing to create the right experience for your customers from the very first time they call you, or the first time they visit your website or social media channels. Really think about this… Are you leaving your followers with the right impression and the right experience you want them to have?

I recently had the honor of speaking at a private Bank of America event for realtors in New York about the consumer experience economy we are a part of today.

Why do I love doing speaking engagements in New York City? Because New Yorkers don’t have time for BS … they want me to share concrete facts and get straight to the point, plain and simple! Also, this city simply blows me away with its vivacity – it’s alive 24/7! Watch my vlog 👆👆 to see exactly why New York rocks!!! 🤓 ✌🏻


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