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Running Plays that Work| #TomFerryShow Episode 212

Imagine this: A magical real estate wizard arrives at your door and gives you a binder full of actions proven to work consistently for agents – a real estate “playbook,” if you will.

Would you…
· Put those ideas into use?
· Or disregard them and try to reinvent the wheel?
If you’re smart, you’d use ‘em!

And you’d keep using them over and over and over again until they stop working.

But here’s the thing: I see agents all the time who basically have this information, yet they’re still doing dumb stuff that doesn’t work.

Today’s #TomFerryShow sets out to remedy this problem and get you running plays that work!

If you feel like you’re hitting your head against the wall or that achieving your goals is harder than it should be, this show is for you.