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Be A Level 10 With No Apologies | #TomFerryShow Episode 78


Have you ever been in that spot where things are going really good but you started to self-sabotage?

I get vulnerable on the #TomFerryShow this week because I’ve been there…

It was right before my book launched and I feared what was on the other side of success.

I called my coach and she said “It’s easy to be complacent and under perform your potential.”

Then she challenged me to be a Level 10 in all areas of my life, and I want to issue that same challenge to you!

In this episode you will learn:
-How to live, work, and play at your best
-Why you should be the superhero version of yourself
-What happens when you disrupt the status quo

This episode really means a lot to me and I want to hear how it impacts you.

Be sure to post your comments on social media and let me know the areas of your life you want to be a 10.

Note: This episode originally aired before our Summit, and the LiveCast offer is no longer available.

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