Randy Baruh

Randy Baruh

Corcoran Group

My coach advised me on making cold calls … and I scored a $25 MILLION deal.

I have been selling residential property in New York City for sixteen years. For fourteen years I went without ever making a cold call. I was nervous, I felt dumb, I didn’t know what to say.

Two years ago I joined Tom Ferry Coaching and my coach Marianne Curran forced me to make cold calls. She is a great motivator and the scripts I found on the Tom Ferry website and in the elite Facebook Group were of a tremendous help.

Within two weeks of coaching I got a $3.5M deal from a cold call. My second year of coaching I got a $4.2M listing from a cold call.

Today, a week shy of my two year anniversary in coaching, I signed a $25M ($25,000,000) exclusive listing FROM A COLD CALL. Tom and Marianne gave me the tools, and the game plan to make it happen!

I am so thankful for this company and this community of realtors who push me to be the best I can be!

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