Glennda Baker LeBlanc

Glennda Baker LeBlanc

Glennda Baker & Associates

Coaching changed my life. From 38 homes sold to 68!

I entered coaching 2 years ago after being in real estate 22 years. I was headed toward the fading star horizon.

I sold 38 homes the year before I entered coaching. My first full year in coaching I sold 68! My mindset is no longer with pastures in mind but with a vitality and love for the business like never before. I credit Tom, my team of coaches and the TF ecosystem for bringing me and my career not only back to life but moving it into a stratosphere I only could dream of. I am working smarter and more efficiently and enjoying balance and quality of life I never realized before.

Over my career I used 2 other coaching programs, both were about call, call, call!

The skills I have learned in the Tom Ferry organization including calling. But it’s not only about calling. It’s calling with a purpose, for a purpose. It is about building a business and running that business like a business. It’s about being a value add to buyers, sellers and others. I have learned how to articulate my degree of separation from my competition.

Tom Ferry is a real estate coaching program for life, but more importantly it is life coaching for real estate professionals.

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