Becky Garcia

Becky Garcia

Essential Properties

I never imagined making seven figures … now I have the roadmap.

Love this organization! TFYC has been instrumental in building and growing my team.

I never imagined making seven figures in this industry.

My coaches have given me the road map to building a profitable team in a short amount of time. Also, the networking opportunities with other top agents is invaluable. TFYC always stays on the forefront of our industry and shares his knowledge with all of us. I’m always happy to highly recommend TF coaching.

I’m also a BIG fan of Sales Edge with Bill Pipes! I recently attended and my teammates and myself learned SO much.

So I had to share three wins with you that came from what I learned at Sales Edge:
1. Asked the prequalifying seller questions and impressed the seller for the listing. (He literally told me I was asking excellent questions).
2. I had been trying to secure a listing appt for a week with no luck. Sent over my pre listing package (which I normally take to a listing) via email. They emailed back how impressed they were and I got the appt.
3. Picking up keys tomorrow for a “come list me” call. They had just cancelled the listing elsewhere and said that agent was at 5%. They wanted me to match. I was able to explain my value and┬ásecured 6%. All within 48 hours of getting home from Sales Edge!!

Thank you to Tom Ferry, Bill Pipes, and the entire Tom Ferry – Your Coach team!

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