Amber Perry

Amber Perry

The Property Group

I am forever grateful. I’ve surpassed ALL of my goals.

I’ve been in real estate for about 13 years, licensed 8. I knew before I got my license, I wanted to be more than your average agent. I wanted to give clients more than what I saw other agents give. So I worked my way up from receptionist to office manager, to marketing assistant, to relocation coordinator, to commissions originator and then brokers assistant.

After learning everything I possible could that goes on behind the scenes, I knew it was time to get my license. So in 2008 – I did that. each year my business had small growth, but consistent…some years even double. Then in 2013 I got my brokers license, in 2013-2014 I plateaued. I had taken myself as far as i could on my own.

I was the realtor that had some sort of device in front of her at all time. The point where my 2 kids (13 & 4) said “mommy can we watch a movie without you looking at your phone?” was when I needed to do something fast but I didn’t know what. I was barely keeping my head above water. I was the girl at the summit – dancing – juggling marketing, lead gen, client services, showing property, closings etc. Then a friend of mine got into Real Estate in 2015 and wanted to go to the Blueprint in Dallas, I didn’t think it was for me, but thought she might get something out of it since she was new, so I went with her and we made it a girls getaway.

I was completely wrong. It was like Tom was speaking directly to me the whole time! I couldn’t believe how much of it actually applied to me. Still skeptic, I didn’t sign up for anything then. But I took some of the things I learned there and ran with them…the Do Doing Done board was a HUGE help along with so many other things.

Then in August my Realtor friend and I decided to go to the Summit. Again….a skeptic….wondering if I’d hear the same stuff over again. Would it be new stuff? And yes….I was surprised.

Summit was amazing! THAT is when I signed up for coaching. And I couldn’t decide between Core or Elite, because I was already successful, but plateauing. I knew I wanted to bring on my husband and be a team so we could help more people, but didn’t know how. I believe Coach Eileen Rivera is who I asked originally because she was in the back helping at the Summit….and that’s when I made the step out of my comfort zone and chose to be “committed not interested” and signed up for Elite coaching. I have never looked back since.

I’ve been in coaching now 5 months or so, and I’ve surpassed my goals so far. My husband is licensed and we are team. I couldn’t have done any of these without the amazing guidance of my Coach Joe Mendoza. I told Tom I lucked out with coaches and he told me, I got exactly what I deserve. Thank you Tom. Thank you Joe for helping me see how to align my behaviors with my goals.

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