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Summit 2022 Challenge Videos

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Market Talk 📊

Glennda Baker
Ben Belack

Client Comedy 🤣

Taya DiCarlo
Mike Riches

Lip-Syncs 🎤

Hannah Smith
Chris Kwon

Trend Lists 📝

Krista Farr
Sandee Payne

Vertical Vlogs ↕️

Mike McMurray
Keven Stirdivant

Listing Vids🏡

Brad McCallum
Monica Carr

How We Did It 💪

Roland Osage
Keri White

Real Me❤️

Phil Gerdes
Tim Macy

Local Spotlights 📍

Nicole Hacault
Shannon Gillette

Search Magnets 🧲

Jeremy Knight
Dan Parker

Shows Streams➕

Kirsten Jordan
Jon Grauman


David Schwartz

Multilingual 🗣

Hadeel Haidar

Explainers ℹ️

Katie Day

Inside Jokes 🃏

Sarah Ellen

Hyperlapse Homes⏩

Shane Burgman
Zachary Foust

Epic Tales 🎭

Dan O’Neil

Thank you for all your wonderful submissions. If you have not done so, please feel free to check out our postcard submissions or return back to Summit Resources.

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