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Jen Dillard


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Jen Dillard is a dynamic leader and top-producing real estate agent based in Hood River, Oregon. With a passion for mentoring and inspiring others, Jen has become a sought-after expert in the real estate industry. Her expertise and commitment to her clients have earned her a reputation as a trusted and respected agent. As a team leader and active producer with REAL Broker in Oregon and Washington, Jen is dedicated to helping others scale their businesses, get out of their comfort zones, and achieve work/life balance through effective systems and strategies.

What really sets Jen apart from other agents and industry leaders is her experience as a buyer, developer, and real estate investor. She develops and invests in a wide range of properties, including more than 700 multifamily, commercial, and hospitality units in markets across the United States. Jen is able to guide her clients through every single step of nearly every aspect of real estate from beginning to end, starting from a birds-eye view and zooming in to the most minute details.


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“Jen Dillard is an absolute powerhouse in the world of real estate, and her recent presentation at the Next Big Thing event in Denver, Colorado was nothing short of exceptional! Speaking to an audience of over 450 real estate professionals, Jen offered invaluable insights into thriving in the real estate industry through genuine community engagement.

Her personal journey, transitioning from big city life to small-town living, was both inspiring and relatable. Jen’s ability to harness the power of community events to overcome isolation and completely revolutionize her business approach is nothing short of remarkable. Her story is a testament to what’s possible when you truly connect with the community you serve.

Jen didn’t just share her journey; she provided a clear roadmap for success. Her creative, no-cold-calling methods for enhancing community presence are a game-changer. She demonstrated how to build meaningful relationships and connections that are essential for creating a successful and thriving real estate business.

If you ever have the chance to hear Jen Dillard speak or attend one of her presentations, do not hesitate for a moment. Her expertise, passion, and genuine commitment to community engagement are second to none. Jen’s insights are a treasure trove for anyone in the real estate industry, and her presentation left the room inspired, motivated, and ready to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Jen, for sharing your wisdom and experience with us!”

Nicole Rueth

Founder of The Rueth Team and The Next Big Thing Colorado.