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Why Your Ability to Educate is Your Key to Conversion

Consumers are full of fear and anxiety about today’s market.

And it’s up to YOU to educate them, Bill Pipes says on today’s Confidence & Conversion.

Bill has hosted our Sales Edge event for many years now, and for good reason – he knows what to say and how to say it to get consumers into action. And through the years, he’s seen how sales tactics have changed.

So I was thrilled to discuss some of the challenges agents are facing today with him.

In just 13 minutes, you’ll get lots of valuable tips and scripts you can start using immediately to win more business and get people off the fence and into the market.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – Conversion is the ability to educate

2:26 – One simple question to find out what consumers know

3:49 – The next line to begin informing consumers

4:33 – Data points that allow you to control the narrative

6:03 – The Millennial angle to support your data

7:02 – What’s the “close” to move people forward?

10:58 – One last tip on how to use projected home price appreciation to your advantage

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