Release Announcements

Product Development 11/16/2017 Updates
Greetings Rockstars!
We know you have all been working diligently on your 2018 Business Plans, but as it all came together there was something missing… Well, you asked and we listened! Starting now the Transition Tracker, the Wealth Tracker, and the Expense Tracker will all be available on the Summary page of the Business Plan AND the PDF which you can download from the My Profile page. We also noticed that saving Lead Details with the Save button was sometimes a little unclear, so we made the visual reminder somewhat more prominent. Check it out! 11/1/2017 Updates

  • Business Plan Transactions Goal wording changed from “How many transactions must I do?” to “How many transactions must I close?” Because Doing leads to Closing!
  • The Business Plan top of page progress bar now includes a warning box if you have made changes on a page, letting you know if you’ve forgotten to save your work before whisking you off to your new destination. Remember to hit “Next” to save before hopping about the Business Plan!
  • In the Business plan you can no longer list a higher dollar amount of commission than the Closing price, because that would be silly.
  • In our quest to provide one stop shopping, side panel navigation has been added to Now you can see your resources, past conference calls, do your business plan, and edit your user info all in one convenient page. Also comes with a pine fresh scent.

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