Did you know that the type of language you’re using is de-motivating your customers to not hire you to be their agent?  Are you de-motivating your clients without even realizing it?

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with CEO of Real Living and De-Motivational speaker, Allan Dalton.

When Allan says agents have perfected something, it’s not necessarily a compliment. He talks about how agents have “perfected” the 4 ways to de-motivate consumers – basically four mistakes he sees over and over – and how to stop relying on your sphere of influence and start focusing on influencing your sphere.

Allan also covers how he helps agents with his Real Estate Lifestyle Planning Guide and key phrases you can use if you work as a solo agent or in a team.

Plus he reveals the most effective commission-cutting objection handling technique any agent can use. (Believe me… you won’t want to miss that!) 

Listen to find out more!

In this episode we talk about…

1:39 – Allan Dalton shares how he was drafted by the Celtics

3:43 – Listen how Allan became Mr. Undo and how the real estate has a problem with value

4:39 – Discover how Allan became the de-motivational speaker for real estate professionals 

7:07 – Find out the 4 Ways to De-Motivate Consumers

7:47 – Do you know the 3 R’s for a successful Realtor marketing presentation? Find out now!

9:16 – Do you know what Range and Reach are and how they can help you be a better realtor?

10:47 – “Most agents focus on sphere of influence as opposed to how to influence their sphere.”

12:27 – Listen to what Allan wants to shift in the Realtor mentality 

16:15 – Find out what Allan does to help agents become relevant with his Real Estate Lifestyle Planning Guide

23:07 – Allan shares his opinion concerning the iBuyer and WhyBuyer 

25:21 – Tom explains Broker Tech Stacks and how the shopping game has taken over searching 

27:52 – Allan gives a vital tip on how to show luxury homes to clients 

28:54 – Do you work in a team? Listen to Allan’s advice on how to be “top of mind” of clients

35:19 – Real estate teams are industrializing. Are you taking advantage of this growth?

39:03 – Alan shares the 4 Strategic Observations about the real estate market

42:51 – Listen to Allan’s advice to teams so they can be successful in providing their services

46:12 – Allan reveals the most effective commission-cutting objection handling technique


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