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All Real Estate Agents Face Challenges

87% of real estate agents fail within the first 5 years

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We have the proven techniques based on experience with over 30,000 real estate agents

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Do I want Business to Happen Regardless of me?

Deals and Dollars show up with or without you.

Do I want to create a High Performance Team?

A Team that always Outperforms an Individual.

Are my Leadership Skills prepared for my growth plans?

Become the Leader your Team wants.

Am I running my Business in a way that enables my Team to earn the Income they Deserve?

Utilize Metrics to run a more Efficient and Effective Team.


Is my lead generation & conversion a well-oiled machine?

Expanding lead generation systems & leveraging for mega growth.

Would more stabilization & structure give me more results & time for my life?

Get systems, processes & duplicable results by design.

Am I committed to my business making a quantum leap?

Structure business for a quantum leap.

Would increased exposure help me get there faster?

Network, brainstorm, mastermind with the best and brightest. Never re-invent the wheel.

Do I need more sales confidence?

The core sales skills to win more business.

Do I want to generate & close more business from the core of real estate?

Consistent lead generation, effective conversion systems & skills

Do I struggle with consistency, getting it all done & working too many hours?

Time management, planning, organization systems & skills.

Do I have the right mindset to stay committed to my plan?
The right blueprint & mindset to master accountability.

Introducing our latest programs - Mgmt+

MGMT+ Coaching follows a specialized curriculum tailored to help leading broker owners create the business they’ve always dreamed of … one where high-performing agents are bonded by — and loyal to — a dynamic company culture that attracts the best talent in the industry.


How to attract the right top producing agents — those that are coachable and fit within your culture, rather than those that consume too much time and focus to be worth the effort.


How to implement best practices for tracking profit & loss and building competitive compensation and incentive programs


How to establish company-wide standards to catapult under-performing agents into action and automatically weed out those who no longer it your unique company culture.


How to create a culture that attracts the right agents, seamlessly retains top talent and makes your entire organization more efficient and more enjoyable.

What Does Our Membership Include?

Member Only Events

Exclusive retreats to propel your business forward via invaluable networking and private time with Tom.

Individual Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions to develop, grow, and maintain your personalized roadmap for success

Private Mastermind Groups

Access to our Members-Only Facebook Groups, where thousands share success secrets, inspire & support one another

Member Resource Library

Set yourself up for success with our extensive library; filled with scripts, marketing samples & planning documents to gain the competitive edge in your business

Dedicated Success Representative

Your own customer service representative appointed to ensure that all of your needs are being met

BreakThrough By Design™

Generate 3 new transactions in 10 weeks with Tom’s online real estate training program. You will become more relevant with the modern consumer and more progressive in the eyes of sellers!


Hundreds of resources all in one place. Includes financial planning, goal tracking and interactive business planning

Group Training Calls

Dynamic Calls packed with knowledge and actionable tips from the best of the best in the Real Estate Industry

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