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Brett Baker, The Baker Team, Keller Williams

Brett Baker is a Realtor in Tri-Cities, Washington. After leaving a $200,000 career as a Air Traffic Controller to get into real estate, Brett knew he needed the guidance from a coach to reach his BIG goals. Coaching has helped to him close an average of 10 deals a month for the past three months straight, and he’s on track to his #BestYearEver!

Brett shares his story and experience with the Tom Ferry Coaching Program:

“I’ve been “involved” in real estate since I could walk because it has been a family business.

Although my family had full time real estate careers I did not…

I had a pretty amazing job as an FAA Air Traffic Controller making $200K a year, but eventually I chose to pursue a career in real estate instead.

I got into real estate because I felt there were too many lazy agents out there, and I KNEW that I could help a lot of people.

I’ve grown up hearing about the Ferry family and their amazing training. My dad had even been to a handful of Summits and other Tom Ferry events.

My dad gave a piece of advice that I’ll never forget…

He said “follow what Tom says, and you’ll do extremely well.”

Coaching wasn’t a new concept for me … I grew up in competitive swimming, and barely missed the Olympic trials. I’ve always had a coach swimming, and my coach motivated me and helped make me better.

When I hopped into real estate, I wanted to get in with someone that knew more about the business than I did and could motivate me.

Based on the advice from my dad, I knew Tom Ferry’s coaching program was the right decision.

When I first started in real estate and before working with Tom, I wasn’t tracking my deals or even my GCI.

The growth I’ve experienced since coaching is HUGE.

I’ve closed 32 deals in the past three months and I have 22 deals in escrow.

In addition to the growth I’ve gained through coaching, I’ve also learned how to prioritize my day and give back to those that have helped me along the way.

Best of all, coaching has helped me stay motivated to finish the fourth quarter strong.

Everything my dad said about Tom was spot on.

Tom’s coaching has made me a much more profitable agent, but it’s more than that … I FEEL GOOD about what I do!”

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