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Tom Ferry Coaching Member Exclusive Benefit

“10% of success is knowing what to do. 90% is doing the work!”
–Tom Ferry

Shift into high gear to master the foundations you need to succeed!

You can spin your wheels or give them traction. You can idle your engine or rev it up.
You can take to the slow lane or hit the Fast Track. Which will you do?

In this 7-week intensive program consisting of 10 2-hour sessions, you’ll learn and put into practice the essential activities to get your real estate career off to an explosive start. Fast Track is everything you need to know that real estate school never taught you.

But it’s not for everyone. It’s intense. Extremely intense.

Fast Track is for those who want to work hard now to make the most of their time later.

You’ll learn

Time Management Skills

Database Management

Video Creation For Branding And Selling

Prospecting Buyer Consultations

Listing Presentations

Identifying Your Usp

Budgeting & Business Planning

And More!

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