The Leadership Summit is the premiere event for leaders in real estate. This event was created to give you the skills and resources needed to take your team to the next level.

At this event you’ll learn:

  • Utilize Improved Retention Strategies for Talent and Teams
  • Create Micro Ecosystems That Make Your Culture Sticky
  • The Two Secrets that Every Great Leader Knows

If you are committed to growing your business and building and maintaining a high-performance team, Leadership Summit will show you how.

In addition to being equipped with proven strategies and methods for growth, you’ll also learn to solve 3 of the biggest problems currently faced by real estate leaders.

  1. Falling short of your recruiting goals because you're uninspired to make the calls and do the marketing ... because your story has become stale.
  2. Losing your top producers to competitors who simply out recruit you.
  3. Increasing the sales results of the movable middle of your sales team.

If you are a leader in real estate this is the perfect event for you! At the Leadership Summit, you’ll be able to connect with other top performing leaders from around the world. You’ll also hear amazing presentations from Tom Ferry and several captivating guest speakers.

This is your chance to once and for all take your business and team to the next level!



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