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The Secrets to Getting Everything You Want – #TomFerryShow

Now that you have geared up to #CRUSHQ4 and make 2016 your best year ever, do you feel like you may be missing something? You are on your way to organizing the professional side of your life … but have you thought about your personal life yet? Having the best year ever is more than […]

Why You Should Track and Measure Performance

We emphasize the importance of planning, routines, and strategies in our training and coaching. Making a habit of the Hour of Power or 5-5-4 is a great way to increase your lead conversion rate. Adopting a new technology, such as video marketing, is another way to up your business. The next step, after you’ve implemented […]

Make 2016 the Best Year Ever – #TomFerryShow

Was 2015 a great year for you professionally and personally? Whether your answer is YES or no … Right now is the time to start planning for 2016 to ensure it is your best year ever. Be sure to download my 2016 Agent Business Plan! Work through the business plan cover to cover then schedule […]

2016 Business Planning

The start of fourth quarter is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time when we assess how we’ve done so far, set our Q4 intentions and begin formulating and then cementing our plans for the new year.

Work By Design, Not Default

One of my favorite mantras for success is “work by design, not by default.” A lot of agents today are running their businesses without a plan and are going whichever way the wind blows. Sustainable success doesn’t happen by accident, it’s achieved when you grab it by the horns and lead it! Here are 3 tips to have […]

7 Real Estate Trends that will Increase your Income – #TomFerryShow

You’re following the seasonal trends of real estate, but are you following the market trends? These Trends are constantly changing and evolving …but here are 7 trends that are affecting your business today. Go to (4:59) to learn about the irrelevant agent. Go to (7:09) to find out why teams are taking over. Go to […]

8 Ways To Not Plateau In Real Estate – #TomFerryShow

Are you trying to better your business but you feel like you are stuck in the same spot? Get the momentum you need to better your business and find out what level of performance is needed to be successful in real estate! Go to (5:25) to see if it is time to hire an assistant […]

Are You Interested Or Committed to Your Business? – #TomFerryShow

Interested or committed?… People often say they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals, but their actions tell a different story. Use these tips to commit yourself to success!  Go to (0:54) to discover the difference between being interested and being committed Go to (3:34) for why it’s important to have […]

7 Steps To Generate More Business In Real Estate – #TomFerryShow

  One of the biggest problems agents face today is converting leads. With all the resources available to us, generating leads is no longer an issue. The difference between agents converting 2 leads and converting 15 leads is their ability to follow up. Check out these 7 ways to convert more leads and do more […]

8 Signs It’s Time To Grow Your Real Estate Team – #TomFerryShow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go from a solo agent to a team? Or what about adding one more person to your existing team? Here are 8 signs that you are ready to grow your real estate business and tips to making the right hires! Go to (1:22) to know […]

Best Tips For An Adjusting Real Estate Market – #TomFerryShow

In this episode of the #TomFerryShow, I talk about the adjustments you need to make to for the changing real estate market and tips to make sure you crush your 2015 goals and finish out the year with a BANG! Go to (2:25) to learn the 8 steps that will help your business adjust to […]

3 Actions to Give Your Business a Boost – #TomFerryShow

  Don’t miss these key take-a-ways when watching this weeks episode: Go to (2:56) to find out your unique number of conversations, appointments, and transactions to achieve your goals Go to (5:17) on what I call the Power of Right Focus Go to (9:18) for 3 actions you should take immediately to make sure you […]

4 Step Checklist For Always Making the Right Business Decision – #TomFerryShow

Don’t forget to focus on these highlights when watching this episode of the #TomFerryShow! Go to (2:00) to learn why it’s important to have a filter when looking into a new product, service, or idea Go to (3:07) to discover what filters  will help support you to reach your goals Go to (8:34) to hear predictions […]

Habits to Achieve Your BIG Sexy Goals!

  Are you committed to achieving your goals in 2015? Of course you do–and I want to remind you, committed people, like you and me, got habits that ultimately lead us towards the accomplishment of our goals. It’s the little things that we do every single day that equal that big monstrous hairy, audacious, exciting […]

Dear Me of Last Year… Your Best Year Ever Letter

  Tweet it out: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” @TomFerry As we sit here days away from the new year, I thought I’d give you one last assignment to make sure that 2015 is your best year ever! When you do this exercise, your will achieve your goals faster and […]

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them!

  Tweet it out: “A goal is a dream with a deadline” @TomFerry Ready to make 2015 your best year ever! Of course you are! So let’s do a little exercise I like to call the Wheel of Life by Design! You can download and print out our graph here to follow along. First, rate yourself on the […]

87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate!

  2014 So a few weeks back I was flying back home and had 75 minutes to spare so I did a Facebook Q&A. Maybe a hundred people or so jumped on and started to ask me questions. About a third of them surprisingly were brand new agents. And I thought I’d do a video just […]

4 Ways to Finish the Year Strong!

  Tweet it out: “Start strong, stay strong and finish strong by always remembering why you’re going it in the first place” @TomFerry Happy December! Let me ask you a question… generally speaking in this month, what do you do? Is this a big month for you? Is this a slow month for you? As […]

Top 4 Ways to Start 2015 on Fire

  Tweet it Out: I’m starting 2015 on fire because I’m planning now!  @TomFerry Make sure to schedule everything because as you know, if it’s not in your calendar it doesn’t exist. 1. Set a goal for how may “pre-signed” listing agreements you can have post dated in the New Year 2. Set a goal […]

Planning for Success – Part 3

  Tweet it out: “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” @TomFerry Now, I get asked this question all the time, “Okay, Tom. I wrote down my plan, but at times I still feel like I’m operating by default. How do I tighten things up? How do I ensure success? How do I […]