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Sales and Marketing Analyst

Tom Ferry is looking for a Sales and Marketing Analyst to collect and analyze information and data. They will evaluate existing and potential processes and offerings. This person will be able to recognize trends and demands in the market and provide financial analysis for our CRO.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Conduct data analysis to provide support for strategic plans designed to increase revenue.
  2. Provide assistance to both sales and leadership through the use of data to support budget


  3. Conduct analysis and provide reports to management in support of day to day business.
  4. Coordinate with our CFO to collect and analyze data for review.
  5. Responsible for tracking, reporting, and analyzing the performance of marketing and sales activities,

    ad-hoc analytic requests, and development/automation of regular reports.

  6. Attendance and on-time reporting.
  7. Maintains compliance with company policies, practices and procedures.
  8. Participates in proactive efforts to achieve departmental and company goals.
  9. Works effectively and communicates clearly with other employees.
  10. Handles changing deadlines and priorities.
  11. Reviews work for accuracy, completeness and proper authority.
  12. Other duties as assigned

Please review all position details before applying to TomFerry.

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