When winning sports teams assess new players, they focus on 4 key components.

  • Skill
  • Drive
  • Composure and
  • Knowledge of the game.

Take 49ers receiver Dwight Clark for instance. In a moment that defined football history, at the 1982 NFC Championship American game, Joe Montana threw a high pass to Clark with only a minute left in the game. Suddenly time stood still as a stadium of dedicated Cowboys and 49er fans gaped as the ball soared through the air. Clark leapt from his position at the back of the end zone and with his fingertips caught the football, resulting in a touchdown – the winning move – that defined the game and brought victory to the 49ers.
Skill, drive, composure and knowledge were all needed to make that play. Those same qualities are needed in real estate and you can see them applied and developed every day in winning agents. Agents who understand the real estate game are masterful.

Tom Ferry - Summit 2022