Track and Measure in Real EstateBy-Tom-Ferry
We emphasize the importance of planning, routines, and strategies in our training and coaching. Making a habit of the Hour of Power or 5-5-4 is a great way to increase your lead conversion rate. Adopting a new technology, such as video marketing, is another way to up your business.
The next step, after you’ve implemented new practices, is to track and measure performance. You have to know what is working and why. When you are consistent and track and measure performance, you can take a very close look at what source is most reliable for generating new business. I’ve been surprised more than once when I realize where most of my business is coming from.

Why You Track Success and Measure Performance

A huge reason that I encourage you to track and measure performance is that when you do, your performance improves. This is because what you focus on is what grows. When you focus on your performance, you’re giving it your best time and energy.
The moment that improving your performance becomes your focus, you’re on your way to making a breakthrough and taking your business from okay to excellent. There are many ways to track your performance.