My personal recommendation is to attend at least 3 training events a year.

Whether you attend one of ours or another company (of course I hope you come to ours), taking the time to focus on your development is crucial to your success.
When you’re at a live event make sure to take full advantage of the time spent away from the office.

Top 5 Ways to Master a Real Estate Training Event

1. Attend all of the days and stay until the end.

2. Complete the workbook – you may think you captured all the amazing information flowing your way but 3-weeks later you’ll be kicking yourself for not writing down the 7 Trends shared, or the link to the website to get the slides, or the name of the panelist sharing a story very similar to your own.

3. Network! Most events have a reception of some sort.  Heck, they all have breaks.  Use this time wisely.  Meet others from your brokerage, or your area or agents who are similar to you in other areas that you can learn from.

4. Register early to take advantage of early bird pricing and secure your seat before the event sells out.  Most of our events sell out months before they happen.  Top producers start the year knowing which events they’re going to attend, they sign up right away, and secure the time in their – all in January.

5. Go in with an open mind.  If you walk into the event day 1 thinking “I wonder when they’re going to say something I don’t already know” you’ve already done yourself a dis-service.  Many times speakers cover techniques that are new and innovative and techniques that are tried and true.  The tried and true are a great reminder and may show you a different perspective of something you thought you already knew everything about.

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