Top 10 Ways to Use Video to Increase Transactions and Client Relationships

    1. 1. A video that presents your service from your clients viewpoint is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Focus on how your outstanding service solves specific challenges. For example: show a visual representation of the success you’ve had in your farm.  Remember this hot video tip from episode #1 of #TomFerryShow about shooting a video in front of all your sold homes?
    2. 2. Visual stories are becoming a popular style of video. These often have animation or stop-motion graphics, with voice-over explaining what you’re showing and what you want the viewer to be focused on.
    3. 3. Get your customers involved in making a marketing video. Customer testimonials or success stories interviewing customers can really build your credibility. Keep in mind that a very authentic, rather than staged, style works best.
    4. 4. Keeping in mind that authenticity is a huge value to clients, especially younger people, man-in-the-street interviews are another good way to promote your business. Showing, rather than telling, the benefits of your particular service is very compelling.
    5. 5. Use community videos to grow your business. Linking to positive videos done by others is a good choice here, as is creating your own.  As my friend, Gary Vaynerchuk says “be the mayor of your farm”.
    6. 6. Videos embedding in emails are twice as likely to be opened as emails without video. The best of these videos also have a clear conversion activity or call to action.  My friends at Bomb Bomb make this super simple.
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