Top 10 Objections and the Proven Scripts to Overcome Them
1. I have a friend in the business who will give me a discount commission. Will you do the same?
No…I would suggest working with your friend instead…(pause)…(Name), I’m curious…is your friend willing to do all the extra work I’m willing to do? And, do you know that they have my contacts, resources and skills?
2. How about if I sign our agreement after we look at homes one or two more times?
I hear you…in that case…let’s sign a one party showing agreement on the homes you’d like to see…it’s done everyday in real estate…let me grab that.
3. My listing agent is giving me a point back if I buy a home through him/her.  Will you do the same?  If not, why should I use you?
Simple…your listing agent is busy working to get your home sold…I’m going to put my aggressive marketing plan to work to find you your dream home…besides…my commission is paid by the seller…okay?
4. I don’t want to commit to one person right now.
I hear that a lot…and guess what…most people start by talking to lots of agents…until they find one who clearly stands out…(Name)…based on everything I’ve sh own you…do you believe I can find, negotiate and get you into your new home?  Then put me to work!
5. I’m not buying for another three to six months.
Great, then it is an excellent time to do some research together.  We’ll have time to get to know each other.
6. I want to find a house before putting mine on the market.
I agree, finding your new home is important and the unfortunate thing is it may take as long as 3-5 months for your home to sell.  Then it will take another month to get the closing done and by that time, any home that you would have found will likely be sold.  Does that make sense?
Let’s get your home on the market now and get to work on getting your home sold so you don’t have to wait any longer than is necessary to get moved into your new home…sound good?
7. I haven’t had a chance to interview anyone else.  I’d like to take some time and see what other options I have.
I welcome it.  Take your time to make sure you are making the best possible decision for you.  (Help them to understand the difference between you and using a listing/buyer agent.  Help them to understand the game plan, representation, negotiating skills and the time you can devote to them.”
8. I have to keep my promise to a friend or previous agent I talked to/ bought the home from.
That’s great, I can appreciate your loyalty and that is a quality that I respect in people…so, I’m curious let me ask you this…
Has there ever been a time when you decided to buy something or doing something and because a friend said, hey no problem, when you need help, I can do it and in the end, because you didn’t check around, you really didn’t get what you want…have you ever been there before? (YES)
Well, this time is just like that time, and with that in mind, I’m sure you can see the importance of having me over just to give you a second opinion…that wouldn’t hurt anything, would it?
9. Why is your price lower than the other agents that we have talked to?
It’s kind of confusing isn’t it?  I mean, you interview four agents and your get four different prices…right?  You are probably thinking, why did that person come in with such a low price?  Doesn’t he want my listing?  Well the answer is yes and no.
You see there’s a big difference in the way I operate and the way most agents operate.  Most agents manipulate the computer to show figures they think you want to hear.
Whereas, I on the other hand do over 150 sales per year by telling nice people like you the truth.
10. We are waiting to see if our loan modification goes through.
That’s great…let’s start pre-marketing the home as coming soon while you’re waiting.  If your modification goes through, you stay put.  If for some reason it does not go through, we will have a list of buyers ready to make an offer.