I tell them, “What got you here. Won’t get you there.”

And a lot of times just the awareness helps them, it clicks and they get it.
They realize that they can’t keep doing the same old thing and expecting amazing results.
Other times we need to keep talking for them to realize that their stubbornness is putting a glass ceiling on their income and often times their happiness.
And it comes down to two things …

Stop Being Positional

The worst thing you could say is:

  • “I never do my own open houses”
  • “I never buy leads online”
  • “I never call expireds”
  • Etc.

Nothing should be black and white.
Stop using the word never! Instead do what’s making money in today’s environment.

The only constant is change. Especially in real estate!

Just look at this list of what the industry was like in the past and where it is now.

MLS Books –> Every Home Online

Interest Rates –> Up, Down, Steady

Fewer Agents –> 3 Mil Agents

Full Fee –> Discount Brokers

Booming Market –> REO & Short Sale Markets

Realtor.com –> Zillow & Trulia & BoomTown

Individual Agents –> Total Team Domination

The market is always changing and it’s your business responsibility to anticipate those changes.