Areas of Focus

1. Get Organized

  • The Open Loops

 Make a list of all the open projects you have right now. Next, you will need to prioritize this list by what matters most to you and you business, such as revenue generation. Once your list is prioritized you will need to make a time in your schedule to start completing these projects.

It can be a little unnerving to see all these project that you’ve started and not yet completed … but … once you get them in order and start closing the loops your business will become more systematic and more organized.

  • Inbox “Empty” 

Clean up your email inbox. Start deleting irrelevant emails and move important email into a folder, so you can use them as reference them later.  The less cluttered your inbox is the more efficient and effective you will be.

  • Declutter Your Social Newsfeed 

Go through all your social media pages and unfriend/unfollow those who are no longer relevant in your life. We live so much on our social devices that it is important that what you see on your newsfeeds is relevant and important to your life.

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