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As an independent contractor … someone who has to self motivate everyday to accomplish goals … how much time do you spend fighting self talk?

You know, those times when you’re completely in your head about something regrettable you may have said or done.  How much time are you spending in that head space rather than changing your negative thoughts into positive and focusing on what really matters most?

That’s what this episode is all about.  Controlling your attitude to stay in the positive and focus on actions that align with your goals.

Think about a time when something didn’t go your way.  Maybe you boarded a flight to find yourself in the middle seat or next to a crying infant.  Did that put you in a bad mood?  Your attitude is all about how you view the world.  And, there are specific techniques that I teach to all of my clients, and personally practice, to be able to view any situation in a positive way and immediately change your state of mind.

When things don’t go as planned it’s easy to get in your head and start beating yourself up. This is a vicious downward spiral and a scary place that we’ve all been. So, how do we change this vicious cycle?

I have been on a journey to condition myself to align my behaviors to make sure that when things don’t go as planned … which happens OFTEN .. that I don’t let it get me down and I keep moving forward.

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3 Steps to Developing a Positive Attitude


My son is a super-star tennis player (I may be a bit biased) and getting rid of negative self talk before a match is crucial to the outcome of the match.  So, before EVERY match he repeats these powerful affirmations.  Feel free to create your own powerful affirmation after watching my son demonstrate his backstage at last year’s Success Summit!  Affirmations or positive self-talk are a great way to banish negative thoughts and get your actions aligned with your goals.  As you practice notice how your attitude affects those around you…do they smile because you’re smiling more?  The answer my friend is…YES!


You’ve probably heard the quote, “What you focus on, EXPANDS”.  This is absolutely true! Shifting focus is a key technique for developing a positive attitude.  Your attitude is all how you view situations.  Say for example you’re on a listing appointment and don’t get the business, do you ask yourself, “ugh!  Why does this keep happening to me?”
What if instead you asked yourself, “What can I do differently to earn the business I know I deserve?” If you ask yourself a better question you get a better quality answer!  It’s a small change in language that makes a powerful change in your attitude.

  • PHYSIOLOGY  (the way you move your body)

Stay with me here and try something out….stand up, raise your hands in the air, look up and smile as big as you can.  How do you feel?  silly, ok sure, but notice how happy you feel.  Deepak Chopra taught me that there’s a connection between your body and your mind. If you move your body in a powerful way it instantly impacts your attitude.  Powerful poses = positive attitude…it’s that simple!   Every movement you make affects your mind … so walk with your head high, shoulders back and a big smile on your face.

Now you know that your attitude is simply a product of how you view the world.

Try these three powerful techniques for 7-days and I’d love to hear how they changed your life.  Comment on our Facebook page or send me a tweet or post an image on Instagram.  I’m always interested in hearing how these tips are working for you.

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