5 Ways to TurboCharge Your Lead Generation

1. Schedule It
If it is not in your schedule it does not exist. Choose a time that works for you … say 9am to 11am … if that time is not blocked out in your calendar your calls will never happen.
Tell your co-workers in the office that from 9am to 11am you are making phone calls. Ask them to join you. The more people that know the more you are held accountable.
2. Stand Up
Communication is broken down into 3 parts.

  • 55% of your total communication is the way you move your body. Standing up makes you more confident when making phone calls.
  • 38% is the tone of your voice. How your words sound alters a person’s interpretation of what you are saying.
  • 7% are the words that you actually use. Practice your scripts so that you can focus on your actions and tone.
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