The 7 Trends in Real Estate

1. Commission Compressions: There are a lot of lazy agents today who are reducing their commission rates in order to take a listing. Don’t fall in to this trap! Work on your skills and marketing to provide value to your clients. Show them you can do it better than anyone else and that the commission rate is worth your level of service.
2. The Irrelevant Agent: Today’s consumers are going through extensive research online before choosing their agent. This means agents that are lazy and don’t put effort towards their business are going to be pushed out of the real estate profession. Make sure you continue to hone and expand your skill sets to become the best agent for the modern consumer.
3. Total Team Domination: Teams are out producing individuals at rapid rates and these rates are continuing to sky rocket. The goal of having a team to build proprietary systems that allows you to have a work life balance.
4. Teams for Sale: This is a big trend, that going to turn teams in to massively high producing, profitable, customer service based businesses. Eventually, teams are going to be sold just like independents used to be were acquired. Use these 10 tips to build a powerful team.

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