5 Marketing Tips All Agents Need to Know | #TomFerryShow Episode 7

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Watch this video and make sure you leave with these top takeaways:

  • Go to (2:20) to understand consumers’ behavior in today’s market and get them to work with you 
  • Go to (10:47) to learn how top producers are testing their marketing efforts to convert more leads into clients
  • Go to (15:07) to review the 3 must ask questions to elevate your marketing and set yourself up for success

Today we’re going to talk about who did it better during the Oscars.

We’re also going to talk about the five reasons why our coaching clients are crushing it with their marketing strategies, and I’ve got three steps that I want you to take ASAP. So let’s get right into it.

Did you watch the Oscars? I guess it would be about two Sundays ago.

During that time I was able to see two pretty extraordinary commercials that were real estate-related.

One was by Coldwell Banker. I remember the dogs. I’ve got dogs. I thought it was cool.

And of course the Zillow one with the daughter helping her mom who clearly the father had passed away.

And my question for you is, have you seen them both?

Secondly, on my YouTube channel, I’d love for you to write down which one got you to want to act.

Which one inspired some emotion in you to take action? So let’s have a little test and you can let me know.

Speaking of that, let’s talk about the five things that are causing my clients, all of our coaching clients around the world, to absolutely crush it when it comes to their marketing.

So I hope you’ve got your pen, your iPad. I hope you plan to pause this and write down a few notes and maybe put some stuff in my YouTube channel and say, “Hey TF, maybe I need a little more on this.” You got to give me that feedback.

No more just watching the show and just hanging out. You got to give me some feedback.

5 Reasons Our Clients Are Getting Extraordinary Results

1. It’s A New Game – Follow the natural path of how the consumer decides. The old game is stimulus-response. I send you a mailer. Where’s my phone call? You’ve seen this a hundred times. All of the real estate marketing agent pieces you’ve seen that say CALL ME with seven exclamation points behind it. That stuff kind of worked in 1990 but not today. Stimulus is still there. Response is of course what we want. But the game today is stimulus, then plus the consumer’s research, the consumer’s research. The bottom line is this. The game has changed. Today the consumer has too many choices. They get the stimulus. They get their marketing. You’re doing good with that, but they need to do their research. If I go to your website and I can’t click on your reviews, if I go to your website and I can’t see your track record of success, then I don’t know if you’re right for me, and then I start my research and maybe I find someone else, and that means your marketing didn’t work, and that’s not what we want.

So the next thing is that stimulus plus their research gives you the credibility and moves them into responding. They follow the natural path of customers.

2. Have A Multichannel Approach – This is a big one. Always use a multichannel approach. Now, we talked about this a few episodes back when I said to you, be relevant with your past clients and sphere.  Whether it’s a phone call, a Facebook private message, or the fact that you uploaded every person in your database into a customer audience in Facebook. Each one of those is only producing a certain result, and if you put all your eggs in one channel all you’re doing is you’re limiting your own income. So the reason why these clients are crushing it is they’re using that multichannel approach.

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3. Stop Romanticizing – Don’t romanticize about anything. When I do a little Q&A, there is one mistake I see all the time. “But Tom, I don’t like doing direct mail. But Tom, I’m not good with the computer. But Tom, you know, this just isn’t my style. I’ve always done it this way.” My response to you is business is about innovation and marketing, innovation and marketing. Innovation is being willing to evolve and change, to touch the consumer in a relevant, meaningful way that gives them the power, that gives them the value, that gives them the juice to then do their research and then call you. No one cares that you don’t like it. The question is, what does the customer want? And most importantly, what is producing the best result? The reason why these men and women all over the world are doing so well is they’re getting out of what they think and they’re focusing on how do I best serve the customer. How do I just simply help more people? How do I remove my own ego, my own story, and just go do what works?

4. Always Be Testing  There’s no failure. There’s only a result. So if we send out 1,000 emails and no one responds, it’s not a failure. It just means the subject line didn’t work. There was nothing in the body or the copy of that marketing message that triggered a response. So we don’t look at it as a failure. What are three different headlines we can test? What are three different calls to action that we can test? What are three different offers that we can test?” And the same rule applies, my friends, to video, to Facebook ads, to email marketing, to making phone calls and trying different dialogues.

The bottom line is this, the rule today for the smart Real Estate professional, you, is ABT, Always Be Testing. It doesn’t matter what you think.  The world today is innovating and it’s really fast. Everybody is doing the following, and this is why they’re killing it and this is my point. If you’re really going to be good with your marketing. It’s always be testing. So what does that mean? “Hey, I’m going to send out an email today to my entire database. I’ve got 200 people. I’m going to send 100 this email with this subject line and I’m going to send 100 with a different subject line to see which subject line test produced the best results.”

It doesn’t matter what I think. The only thing that matters is what percentage of the customers respond to your stimulus, respond to your marketing.

5. No More Guessing – The cardinal sin amongst clients is guessing. The bottom line is track, measure, and know. Track, measure, and know. No more “I think my business comes from here” or “I think this…” One of my clients, I said to him, “Okay, give me the numbers.” So he sent 90 marketing pieces to old expireds in the high end in his marketplace, people that were on the market three years ago when the market was really bad. He goes, “I got two appointments immediately. So I sent the second piece, because it was a three step approach. Second piece, only mailed out 80 this time, and already got another listing appointment on an oceanfront in Laguna.”

Track, measure, and know. Elevate your game. Be bigger in business. Serve more customers. Sell more houses. To do that requires getting out of “I feel and I think,” and it’s really about ABT. It’s really about tracking and measuring so you know with absolute certainty when you’re writing your business plan for 2016 or the second half of 2015 that you have a knowing, not a guessing, about how your business is operating.

3 Steps I Want You To Do ASAP

By doing these three steps ASAP, you can quickly become more successful in your marketing.

1. Review Your Marketing Plan – So you’re going to take your entire marketing plan January through December and you’re going to look at all of the things that you committed to, all the different touch points, maybe even start to look at all the pieces and ask you
rself what’s the gap. Ask yourself what am I romanticizing about that I need to GOI, which is get over it. “I don’t like door knocking.” Get over it. The point is, if you’re overly romanticizing and you’ve got your marketing plan, there’s just going to be holes, and we want to find the gap so you can do less and get a better result.

2. Track and Measure – You want to ask yourself, “what can I start tracking and measuring?” Whether it’s on a yellow note pad, your iPhone, or a Google doc or an Excel spreadsheet. “I sent out a thousand postcards. How many calls did I get?” And there was three different tests, 333 here, 333 there, 333 there, ABC. A pulled the best. So what do you do? You get rid of B and C and you mail the whole list A again. Track and measure. Learn something and move forward.

3. Get Creative – What can you start testing? How much creativity did it take to say, “Just listed. Just sold,” on a postcard? It’s ridiculous. First time on the market in 15 years. Just sold $60,000 over the seller’s asking price. Let’s play around and be creative with the headlines. Let’s not romanticize about what we think. Let’s test, A/B, and let’s see which one pulls the best response, and that will make 2015 extraordinary.

So give me some feedback on all five of these points, and maybe, maybe just maybe, if you need some help go to tomferry.com and check out my website.

Thanks again for watching.

Remember always, your strategy matters, and now more than ever, your ability to stop romanticizing rules.

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