What Is Your Psychology?
So think about it like this. Your psychology is what you think about; it’s what you say to yourself; it’s the way you move your body; it’s what you put your focus on. That’s what represents your psychology. And what we know is that your psychology massively impacts your income, your ability to be in action, talk to the number of people you need to talk to, and ultimately get the results you desire.
Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this before. If you haven’t, I hope especially if you’ve seen this before then you know how important this is. Many many many years ago my mentor taught me that your attitude is everything. Matter of fact, I remember seeing Zig Ziglar speak, my goodness, in like 1989 and Zig was so cool then. He’s like, “Cause, you know, you got to have the right attitude. You know, y’all need a checkup from the neck up.” Do you remember all those great Zig Ziglar lines?
Well the challenge was when I first saw that message I remember thinking to myself, “Okay, you can’t really fake a good attitude.” I mean, you can try. You know, “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy,” but everybody kind of knows that you’re full of it in that moment. They know because today we really pick up on how people feel, their energy, so they can put a smile on their face but you know they’re still an energy-sucking vampire. You know what I’m talking about.
It wasn’t until I got introduced to one of my mentors, Bill Mitchell, who said, “Your attitude, Tom, is nothing more than the effect of these causes, the way you move your body, your self-talk, the things you say to yourself, about yourself and other people, and ultimately what you put your focus on,” and the moment he shared it, I got it. I said, “So I really can determine my attitude, my personal psychology, based upon the way I move my body, so we know if we move our body in a powerful way we’re more likely to take powerful action. But if my shoulders are slumped over and I’m kind of feeling like this and I’m kind of , everything about my physiology and my face is frowning. We know it kills your energy and it kills your performance.

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