Here’s what I know, the average consumer moves every seven to ten years. So, if you have 100 people inside my database, you should be getting seven to ten listings every year. If you’re not getting 7-10% of the total number of people inside your database to interact, engage, or list their home with you, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not casting a large enough net and you’re not touching them in a relevant way.
So, let’s take a look at some of the different mediums and channels of distribution that you could use today to cast a larger net and touch more people.
Phone Calls
Agents love making phone calls, but here’s the deal–if you’re making phone calls to your database, two out of ten answers the phone. That’s the game today. We’re much more inclined to respond in a different way. It doesn’t mean don’t call your database, it’s still 20%.
If you’re an email ninja, you’re getting a 17%. But that doesn’t mean 17% of people actually respond to your emails, just they opened it up–you might get 2-5% response rate, which isn’t bad when you are sending to thousands of people.
Facebook Private Message
Our studies have shown that Facebook private messages get 50-70% response. It’s relatively new and sales people haven’t overly spammed it. When you send a private message, you want to do ME mail. For example: “Hey Marni, what a great photo of you and your kids on Facebook.” It has to be personal to work effectively.
Text Message
We all know, text messages get 95% response rate in under five minutes. Like the Facebook private messages, we’re going to ruin that eventually. But today we still get a 95% response and working really well.

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