My Top 10 Tips For New Agent Success

1. Commit to your goals. This may sound obvious, but if you have the mindset that you WILL do something, you are much more likely to accomplish it than if you take a “go with the flow” approach.

2. Make a plan to meet your goals. A vague idea that you want to close on 3 or 5 or 10 houses a month will not get you there. Make yourself a roadmap.
3. Role play. One major block to new agent success is when objections trip you up. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard. Make a list of likely client objections, then spend time thinking of answers.
4. Reach out to customers. One habit I encourage new agents to develop is what I call the daily 5-5-4: get in touch with 5 people in your database; talk with 5 new people; follow up with 4 leads.
5. Check the daily hot sheets…everyday. To be a knowledgeable agent, you have to know what’s happening in your area: new listings, expired listings, sales, and pending sales.

Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021