Is a Mega Open House REALLY Necessary?

In the old days, when dinosaurs still roamed the land and the internet was just beginning, you could throw together an open house pretty easily. A few signs, an ad or two, and you were golden. Then the internet came into its own, and most houses were sold online. The open house seemed to go the way of the T-Rex. 
Because of so much online competition, the open house has been dusted off, muscled up, and given a new lease on life. To do a mega open house, you have to start with your best properties. You have to invest a lot of time and money to make a mega open house work, so only do it if the payoff will be worth it. You’re not just selling the home where you’re holding the open house. You’re also making valuable contact with people in the neighborhood who might want to sell their homes and you are going to be meeting many, many future buyers.

Tom Ferry - Summit 2022